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The Michael Vick Dog Fighting Story gets deeper and deeper daily.  Read the latest including Vick's co-defendant copping a plea.

July 2007

After the NFL told Vick to not show at training camp and Nike suspended his contract without pay and discontinued sales of his merchandise, you thought we might get a break from Vick "watch". But Reebok pulled Vick’s No. 7 Atlanta jersey from retail shelves, trading card companies Upper Deck and Donruss removed all his autographed memorabilia from their online stores and pulled his cards.  But a major a bombshell regarding the case came on July 30th.

On that date Vick's Co-Defendant Tony Taylor, agreed to a plea deal, which means he most likely will provide testimony against Vick.  He went as far as to say that Vick was the alleged financier of the entire operation.  U.S. District Judge Henry E. Hudson., who presided at Monday's hearing, set Taylor's sentencing for Dec. 14, but I am sure he will be well prepped and ready to talk about Vick before then. 

With all of the accusations, revelations, and other soap opera-esque issues, this story is surreal to me (Some are even saying Vick stole their kid's lunch).  I have read the indictment (you can too) and it is quite gruesome, but I caution everyone in lieu of convicting Vick before his trial, I recommend formulate your opinion, but remember that this case is "celebrity justice" and it will have many rounds with all kinds of information (true and untrue) being leaked. 

Vick has inevitably lost all of his endorsements and the NFL told him to stay away from camp, because the league will do whatever possible to protect their shield (including the Falcons even considering cutting him).  The NFL has empowered Attorney Eric Holder to investigate the case and I suspect that if convicted Vick will never play in the NFL again.  Vick and his Attorney Billy Martin are now on their own to prepare for more possible charges at the state level from a Surry County grand jury on Sept. 25th and for his federal trial set for Nov. 26th.  I believe no matter how the case turns out (convicted or not) that the public will never let Vick back in their good graces and he will have to deal with that fact for a long time.  In the mean time, Joey Harrington and DJ Shockley are in Falcons camp as the team has seemed to move on without their superstar.  Vick has tried to stay out of the limelight, but he did do an interview with an Atlanta radio station recently (listen to the interview)

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