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January 2007

The NFL will celebrate a historic first in Super Bowl XLI as two African American head coaches Lovie Smith (Chicago Bears) and Tony Dungy (Indianapolis Colts) will lead their teams into the biggest game of the year.  It took 41 years for an African American head coach to make it all the way, but Conference Championship Sunday proved to be the golden day for the not just the pair, but for all minority coaches as Smith led the Bears to a convincing 39-14 win over the New Orleans and in the night cap Dungy’s Colts came from behind to beat the mighty New England Patriots 38-34 in an instant classic thrilling game. Forget being a journalist, it is impossible to not be happy for them especially Dungy, who endured family tragedy in 2005 and was wrongly labeled as a “soft” coach who couldn’t get it done. Both coaches have worked extremely hard and deserve the merits that are now coming their way from their victories. They are exceptional respected coaches who make people in the NFL forget that they are black, white, green, or any other color, by their motivation of players and their “preparation =  performance” attitude. 

Editor Lloyd Vance will be in Miami for all of the festivities around Super Bowl XLI including the Field Generals news conference and the much anticipated release of the ESPN book "3rd and a Mile", which is an oral history of the African American quarterback in the NFL.

-- Submitted by Lloyd Vance



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