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Joe Kendall would like to congratulate the late Joe "Tarzan" Kendall (Above), Tracy Ham, and Charlie Ward for being inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. 

July 2007

It has been a long time coming, but recently the journey of the African American quarterback has come full circle to the point that the group is being celebrated for their lifetime accomplishments.  In August of 2006 the fans of the African American quarterback celebrated as Warren Moon became the first African American quarterback inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and in February of 2007 the book "Third and a Mile" by William C. Rhoden gave a first hand telling of the journey through the words of The Field Generals and others.  The weekend of July 21st will mark another chance to celebrate the journey of the black quarterback as three former standout African American college quarterbacks (Joe "Tarzan" Kendall, Tracy Ham, and Charlie Ward) will be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.  Click here to see all of their bios

To me it is an incredible honor for all three men, but I am extremely happy to see legendary quarterback the late Joe “Tarzan” Kendall receive the recognition he greatly deserves.  Kendall probably is the most unsung pioneer of HBCU football.  When I talk with older African American coaches and fans they always point to Joe Kendall as one of the greatest passers ever.  He was known as the HBCU’s version of Slingin’ Sammy Baugh, because he could throw the ball with the precision of a surgeon at a time when running the ball was the focal point of the game. Nicknamed “Tarzan” for his athletic prowess and he dominated black college football in the 1930s.

He led Kentucky State to a national black college championship in 1934 and led the KYSU Thorobreds to a 1935 Orange Blossom Classic victory over Florida A&M.  He had an impressive 29-7-3 overall record during his years at KYSU and he was a three-time First Team All-America selection from 1934-36 by the Pittsburgh Courier.  Kendall is the first person from Kentucky State University to be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. He was also inducted into the Kentucky State Athletics Hall of Fame in 1975. Following his playing days, Kendall served as a coach, teacher and school principal and he was rewarded for his contributions as a recreational director in Owensboro, Ky by having a park named in his honor.  He passed away on Thanksgiving Day 1965 from injuries related to a broken leg suffered in a car accident.

The trio will now join past African American quarterbacks in the College Football Hall of Fame:

Brad Calip, Class of '03, East Central 1981-1984 -
Harold Davis, Class of '06, Westminster(PA) 1953-56
Willie Totten, Class of '05, Miss. Valley 1982-1985 
Andre Ware, Class of '04, Houston 1987-1989
Doug Williams, Class of '01, Grambling 1974-1977

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